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Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter, owns and operates Bruce Lee Enterprises and is CEO of the company.
Cast: Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson, Channing Tatum, Byung-hun Lee, Bruce Willis, Adrianne Palicki, Ray Park, D.
With: Miki Mizuno, Dylan Kuo, Emme Wong, Sam Lee, Bruce Leung, Nana Natsume, Lam Suet, Ryo Ishibashi, Simon Yam.
Between two and three is the 5-4 favourite, but five to six is only 7-2 as Jol, Sammy Lee, Bruce, Billy Davies, Lawrie Sanchez and Gareth Southgate feel the heat, while Avram Grant is still not certain to last at Chelsea.
Puerto Rico - which can call on Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Pudge Rodriguez - figures to battle Cuba tough, and Panama - with a roster that could include Carlos Lee, Bruce Chen and Ramiro Mendoza - figures to be competitive.