Lee's Birthday

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celebrated in southern United States

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On Lee's birthday, more than a dozen people cram into the studio, including rap tycoon Russell Simmons.
She followed Lee's exploits with Abi on TV and burst out laughing when she saw a school uniform party for Lee's birthday.
On Sunday, which was Lee's birthday, Mr and Mrs Piper laid flowers on the roundabout in memory of their son.
She's now even trying to flog a home movie of her husband Tommy Lee's birthday party.
xxxx WILLIAMS Lee Today is our Lee's Birthday, his first away from home, put your arms around him, Lord, don't leave him on his own.
Lee's birthday bash ties in with the Radio City Friday live broadcast nights which have been running at Cube, in the new Concert Steps area, since the venue launched and which have been a huge success.
The girls did a dance routine for Lee's birthday which included a lap dance from Adele.
This is the day after Lee's birthday so we thought it would be quite a nice time to do it in his memory.