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13224); the Qods Force, a branch of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), designated for providing material support to the Taliban, Lebanese Hizballah, and PIJ (E.
Iran's ties to terrorist groups, particularly the Lebanese Hizballah with its global infrastructure, enable it to threaten its enemies with terrorist retaliation.
Iranian intelligence has teamed with Lebanese Hizballah and Sunni extremists to conduct attacks throughout Europe and South America as well.
John Negroponte, former Director of National Intelligence, stated, "At the center of Iran's terrorism strategy is Lebanese Hizballah, which relies on Tehran for a substantial portion of its annual budget, military equipment, and specialized training.
Its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) were directly involved in the planning and support of terrorist acts and continued to exhort a variety of groups, especially Palestinian groups with leadership cadres in Syria and Lebanese Hizballah, to use terrorism in pursuit of their goals," the report said.
The most fundamental difference, perhaps, is the fact that the Lebanese Hizballah is primarily Shia, while the Turkish Hizballah consisted of predominantly Sunni members.
Some terrorist groups, such as Lebanese Hizballah or the Egyptian group alGamaat al-Islamiyya, have built large infrastructures with cells in multiple countries and on several continents.
Formalized terrorist groups, such as Lebanese Hizballah, Egyptian Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya, and Palestinian HAMAS, pose the second threat to the United States.
13224 and as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to add aliases including Lebanese Hizballah, which is frequently used to refer to the group, as well as the Foreign Relations Department (FRD) and the External Security Organization (ESO), key components of the terror organization.
40) See the video marked, "AAH-LKZ fighters, including Karar join Lebanese Hizballah fighters near Damascus Airport," at Phillip Smyth, "Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq's Liwa'a Kafeel Zaynab," Jihadology.
A chastened Syria under the US orbit would provide a jumping off point for getting rid of the Lebanese Hizballah, with Israeli collaboration.
Within Iraq, Iran also relies on Lebanese Hizballah agents to further the influence obtained from the provision of training and assistance to the Shia militias.
The IRGC played an instrumental role in the establishment of Lebanese Hizballah (LH) in 1982 and has continued to be vital to the development of the organization.
Such groups have long included Lebanese Hizballah and the Palestinian groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
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