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Learnability is not a problem in this study as the typical user accesses the application several times per month and has considerable experience in using the tools.
In Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Argument Structure: Implications on Learnability, Melissa Bowerman and Penelope Brown (eds.
McCallum mentions other reasons, but emphasizes the concept of E-stability, which is usually equivalent to learnability by a realtime, least-squares learning procedure.
The seminars, titled "Technology Change and Survival in the New Millennium," are being conducted with online education technology created by Learnability.
These features extend beyond the traditional design process into learnability and ease-of-use, which translate into increased productivity for users.
This example is particularly interesting as it creates a learnability problem exclusively for Chol.
Markup with ActiveShapes -- Volo View uses ActiveShapes technology from Autodesk's Actrix Technical software to provide easy-to-use markup tools designed for quick learnability.
In addition to rating Aladdin's HASP as number one in overall quality, the report also ranked it as the clear winner in all of the major comparison categories: Security, Ease of Use, Versatility and Features, and Learnability.
Unique user-friendly teaching software developed by Learnability allows dynamic instruction at both levels.
Criterion-based measures of learnability and usability will be collected.
Pye argues that taking into account the range of applicative constructions across the Mayan languages enriches our understanding of the factors that constrain the expression of indirect objects in the two languages, and more generally provides important insights into the learnability problem that children face due to the variability in expression of three place predicates.
14) Issues involving determinacy of this solution, and others considered below, are considered by Bullard and Mitra (2002) and Svensson and Woodford (2004), More fundamental, in our opinion, is the learnability of various solutions, also discussed by Bullard and Mitra.
By using HearMe to eliminate the need to pass on costly voice conferencing charges to students in the live on-line classes that we offer through our e-campus, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars a year," said Bob Ramers, Learnability Inc.
In Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on Argument Structure: Implications for Learnability, Melissa Bowerman and Penelope Brown (eds.
2000-030B: James Bullard and Kaushik Mitra, "Determinacy, Learnability, and Money Policy Inertia.