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long narrow spring consisting of several layers of metal springs bracketed together

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The upgrade reflects Fitch's expectation of further strengthening in Rassini's credit profile over the next 18 months as the company continues to execute repayment of existing bank debt, which combined with already awarded leaf spring contracts for the new models of all major pickup platforms, should allow Rassini to generate solid cash flow and gain significant leverage headroom.
Leaf springs are more robust and have a greater load-bearing capacity, as well as being as cheap as soil.
To verify the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method, a comparison analysis between simulation results and test results of the front and rear leaf springs of a commercial vehicle is carried out here.
As for CFRP spring, leaf springs composed of high-strength, high-modulus continuous polyacrylonitrilebased carbon fiber (5 to 10 [micro]m) and epoxy resin is the typical product.
However, this article deals with the optimization of leaf springs for heavy vehicles; specifically, for rail tram vehicles.
The development of lightweight technology and energy conservation has resulted in the extensive application of leaf springs with variable stiffness on cars.
Well, the ride is now much more fidgety at the back with no load to damp it down and, to be honest, has little or no advantage over good oldfashioned leaf springs. That said, I suspect the higher payload, together with such a budget starting price of just PS14,995 excluding VAT, will tip the scales in favour of what is a big strong workhorse.
(SeeNews) - Jun 19, 2014 - Austrian Frauenthal Holding AG (VIE:FKA) Wednesday said it has agreed to sell most of its leaf springs and stabilisers operations to TBC Netherlands, part of Hendrickson Ventures Corp, for a price of between EUR 20 million (USD 27.2m) and EUR 25 million.
The process of experimental fatigue life prediction of leaf springs is a time consuming process; that is, for the fatigue life of 100000 cycles, the experimental procedure will consume approximately 2-3 days.
Includes a map of the recreation of the original 1907 race route showing locations where shock absorbers and leaf springs were replaced, and information on the rebuilding and contents of their coupe, the route and competitors, and a glossary of rally terminology.
There was a rack of used leaf springs located in a fenced yard at the rear of Falls Auto Spring, 6001 Niagara Falls Blvd.
He found the erector tube was supported against the elevation and windage turrets by weak leaf springs positioned opposite the turrets.
Leaf springs could be categorized into two types: multileaf and parabolic leaf.
The Tunisian pavilion, which occupies an area of 108 m2, exhibits various automotive components, namely leaf springs, cables, batteries, tanks, lubricants, wheels as well as fragrances for cars.
It wants to bring down the revenue share of leaf springs from the present level of 90% to 65% by adding new products like Air Suspension, Lift Axle and increasing parabolic spring capacity in the next 2-3 years horizon.