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a question phrased in such a way as to suggest the desired answer

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The Welsh Government believed it was a leading question which did not make sufficiently clear that the Cancer Drugs Fund ring-fencing in England was at the expense of drugs for other conditions.
Employers often ask leading questions designed to assess whether you fit their company's culture and plans.
His leading questions about death and persona were calculated.
Maps" followed by leading questions and statements help both faculty and students to see how the Evangelist adopted and adapted his sacred texts (as well as Jewish and Greco-Roman resources) in light of his convictions about and experience of Jesus.
Thompson also complained that prosecutors asked leading questions of certain witnesses to question McCarthy's character and ''to make it look like she was a bad caretaker.
leading questions regarding the conceptualization and reality of violence in society.
Do prepare for success by asking leading questions such as 'Where do you want to put your diagram so it won''t get wrinkled?
Based on almost 20 years of calls to the offices of the national trade organization, the two leading questions posed relate to cost and ratings for a particular insurance company.
Such leading questions are especially pertinent to both contemporary religious architecture and art, and they are raised, frequently and fruitfully in the pages of Art and Christianity.
They were all dressed 30 years out of date, in heavy tweeds and they asked leading questions, mostly about being deprived and oppressed.
Democrats, including the White House, have labeled the study an "outlier," and accused its authors of asking leading questions in the study.
The most recent attempt involved leading questions that would provide them with the answers they wanted.
Their claims are misleading, based on the hypothetical situations and leading questions in their survey.
ASK LEADING QUESTIONS Start by asking these questions to create interest and excitement about your company and its services, and expand your business: How can you build on your contacts?
This resource provides leading questions for teachers to ask, focuses teachers on student behavior while reading and gives advice on how to focus teaching times to address specific comprehension needs.