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Synonyms for lead-in

Synonyms for lead-in

the introductory section of a story

wire connecting an antenna to a receiver or a transmitter to a transmission line

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Our late news grew four rating points off of our network leadin, while KMOV grew a single point--that's four times as many St.
Reading regained their leadin the 55th minute, Church tapping home after a long range effort had come back off the post.
Fox 16's July 2005 news ratings maintained incredible strength regardless of not having the American Idol leadin," he said.
Because most sulfur is now produced involuntarily, rather than mined, industry analysts are forecasting a sulfur oversupply and calling on leadin g energy companies to help develop new markets," said Larry Marks, marketing and transportation, Shell Canada Ltd.
But this difference became very low towards the end of polymerization, leadin g to a transparent multiphasic blend.
In other words, students feel that e-mail is able to deliver social presence leadin g to the creation of better interpersonal relationships.
The win over the Tornadoes (0-8-1, 0-5) gave Glendale a 42-29-2 leadin the series that started in 1930 and has renewed at least once every year since then.
To allow for this possibility, we constructed the variable LEADIN, defined as the Nielsen rating of the show televised immediately preceding the game.
As soon as they started selling CP/M in quantity, they dropped the sci-fi leadin and became "Digital Research" and "Apple Crate Computer" dropped the "Crate.
Population growth around the world is putting inordinate pressure on our forest resources, leadin to the conversion of massive tracts of forestland to agricultural uses, even when soil and water conditions cannot sustain such agriculture beyond a few years.
The two physicians agree that epidemiology, although a "boring part of medical education," serves as a ready-made leadin to medical management.
privately held TECORE is a leadin the market that can simultaneously support mulCLECs, as well as an integrated pre-paid solution.
Leadin , designed an experimental division within HubSpot called HubSpot Labs, Leadin is a freemium tool designed for companies that want to better understand their website visitors and leads.
England's first Australian coach has a short leadin to the hotly-anticipated series - meeting captain Alastair Cook over dinner tomorrow, leading the squad on a get-to-knowyou trip to Spain the following day and taking charge of his first Test on July 8.
Leadin prices were PS135 from Monahan, South Headborough Farm; PS134 from Gethin, Cnwcymorfil; PS128 from Reed & Co, Upper Scolton and also Slater, Upper Colston Farm; PS125 Jenkins, Woodpark and PS115.