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soft blue-grey mineral

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Other topics include synthesizing lanthanum nickelate and praseodymium substituted compounds by the molten salt technique, laser shot peening of 304 austenitic stainless steel without protective coating, X-ray studies on lead sulfide, the automation of a photoacoustic spectrometer for nondestructive evaluation, a comparative study of removing methylene blue by the adsorption process, and synthesizing and characterizing ligand and its metal complexes.
In a quest for a safer alternative, Chyao affixed lead sulfide quantum dots to the nanotubes, changing the type of light required to activate them.
Lead sulfide is a narrow band-gap, IV-VI semiconductor that absorbs strongly in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The dark makeup around the eyes was a blend of black lead sulfide and white lead carbonate.
Here we report the use of water-in-CO2 microemulsion in the preparation of various metal (Silver, copper) and metal sulfide (cadmium sulfide, lead sulfide and silver sulfide) nanoparticles via RESOLV (Rapid Expansion of a Supercritical Solution into a Liquid SOLVent).
Textron Systems introduced the 1D-L256 infrared sensor for spectroscopy, which can be purchased with either Lead Sulfide or Lead Selenide detector arrays.