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a French bicycle race for professional cyclists that lasts three weeks and covers about 3,000 miles

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Unwaith eto eleni, bydd Gruff yn rhan o dim Seiclo: Le Tour de France, wrth i S4C ddilyn y ras 3,540 km gyda rhaglenni byw ac uchafbwyntiau o bob cymal.
There's also a threestage Dragon tour, with stages one and two taking place on June 3-4, with the final stage being the Dragon Ride L'Etape Wales by Le Tour de France.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 7, 2014-Yorkshire businesses prepare for Le Tour de France
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 7, 2014-Yorkshire businesses prepare for Le Tour de France
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Le Tour de France organisers have claimed that the race will have the most exposure a women's cycle race will receive apart from at the Olympic Games and could lead to a sponsorship windfall.
Avant meme de devoiler hier mercredi la liste des coureurs qui devraient faire l'objet de sanctions pour avoir use de produits dopants, la commission d'enquete senatoriale a puble quelques noms, parmi lesquels ceux de Laurent Jalabert, deja sorti au debut de l'ete, ce qui l'avait empeche de tenir normalement son role de consultant pour le Tour de France.
Le Tour De France 2013 (Xbox) THE Tour De France is cycling's showpiece event, a spectacle of endeavour, exhilaration and endurance.
Souben was part of the French Olympic team from 1978-1992 and in 2008 and 2009, he won Le Tour de France Ea la Voile, the event on which SATT is modelled.
He begins with the first element of his formula, "I drink," explaining his fall, le tour de France, and news from elsewhere.
Bruno Le Tour de France par deux enfants, l'ouvrage est a son tour adapte en manuel scolaire.
Le Tour De France strains every sinew to generate an interesting gaming experience, and nearly succeeds.
LOGAN, Utah -- ProForm, the most popular fitness equipment brand, has teamed with Le Tour de France, the world's leading cycling event, to create the ProForm[R] Tour de France[R] indoor cycle, the official training bike of the prestigious event.
Seiclo: Le Tour de France S4C, 2pm & 10pm Darllediad byw o gymal 18 fydd yn arwain y peloton ar daith 183km o Briancon i gopa'r Col d'Izoard.
HENO S4C Mondays-Fridays 7pm, subtitles The passionate, enthusiastic and busy TV presenter has been following the Wales football team in the Euro 2016 campaign and Welsh cyclists and coaches of Team Sky in Le Tour de France.
5km stage eleven of Le Tour de France from Carcassonne to Montpellier yesterday Michael Steele