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United States actress (born in England) (1899-1991)

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Stephen Phillips, a quaintly clad 'ghost' from a hundred-odd years ago, had been captured and set down to take his rightful place in posterity's portrait gallery beside the previous and hitherto better limed shades of his peers, Aubrey Beardsley, Ernest Dowson, and that Liverpool lad of parts, Richard Le Gallienne.
11) The British Music Society of Victoria Collection includes works by some of these composers and also works by Margaret Sutherland, who was under Louise Hanson-Dyer's patronage, Dorian Le Gallienne, Louis Lavater and other Australian composers.
She had alienated them all by writing an autobiography entitled Here Lies the Heart (1960), which Eva Le Gallienne is rumored to have dubbed as "Here are the Lies, Lies, Lies.
She also headed both the Abbey and Gaiety acting schools, where she shared with the next generation of Irish actors what she had learned from Le Gallienne and troupe member Alia Nazimova, who had trained with Stanislavski at the Moscow Art Theatre.
Those desperate characters of the previous '90s, slaves of the Siren, consorts of the Sphinx like Dowson, Johnson, Symons and Le Gallienne were heroes, though, compared with our protagonist, a decadent who lived to tell the story, surviving even beyond the age of irony to the point where the old stuff comes round again; and this is the sin against the Holy Ghost, the cynicism that views with equanimity the enemies of promise, les amours jaunes, the organism dark with booze and nicotine.
His writing in literary biography typifies his approach to a writing project: for instance, when he wrote on Richard le Gallienne, it was when he discovered the shared Liverpool heritage that he was really fired to write.
But there were plenty of gay people creating important theatre in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's, people who are never included in the pantheon when "queer theatre" is discussed: Joseph Chaikin, Julian Beck, Jose Quintero, Ellis Rabb, Norris Houghton, Robert Moss, Richard Barr, Tom Q'Horgan, Cheryl Crawford, Lyn Austin, Eva Le Gallienne, and Marshall Mason, to name only a few.
Along the way, there are famous lesbians and bisexuals galore, including actress Eva Le Gallienne, dancer Isadora Duncan, and comic Patsy Kelly.
29) In one of his reviews, specifically, Le Gallienne posed the question: "What is decadence in literature?
Richard Whittington-Egan first made a name for himself as an authority on fin de siecle writers with his definitive biography of Richard le Gallienne.
Eva Le Gallienne wrote in her diary in 1945, "What a strange face G.
He was a friend of Richard Le Gallienne, whose biography, The Quest of the Golden Boy, the late Dr.
Le Gallienne influenced generations of movie stars without appearing in more than a handful of films.
Craik (author of John Halifax, Gentleman), Augustine Birrell, Arthur Hugh Clough, Richard Le Gallienne, and Wilfrid Owen; artists like George Stubbs; sculptors like John Gibson, John Deare, and the outstandingly talented modernist, Arthur Dooley; musicians like Sir Adrian Boult and Sir Simon Rattle; medical trail-blazers like Hugh Owen Thomas, a founding father of British orthopaedics; shrewd legal intelligence like F.
These were followed in 1960 by a biography of my fellow-townsman, Richard Le Gallienne, The Quest for the Golden Boy, which I wrote in collaboration with Dr.