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a conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross

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Le centaure Chiron est mentionne une seule fois dans tout le corpus aristotelicien (14), en III, 1, 1230a3-4.
Considerant que le centaure Chiron est une figure mythique de courage (18), le prendre pour illustrer un travers moral qui s'apparente a la lachete (19) a quelque chose de subversif.
A beautiful character resort in the heart of the French Alps, Le Centaure has a range of apartments to choose between - from studios through to three bedroom apartments.
Currently off-plan prices of the properties at Le Centaure start at 142,000 for a studio, rising to 418,000 for a three-bedroom duplex apartment.
The apartments at Le Centaure range size from 27sqm studios to 75sqm three-bedroom duplexes.
Ainsi le Centaure laissa a Dejanire sa robe empoisonnee du sang de l' hydre, comme un present qui devoit etre funeste a son vainqueur.
Nestled between forest and mountain pastures, Le Centaure in Belle Plagne offers stunning scenery, a splendid panorama and slopes for all the ski delights.
SPECIALIST insurer Markel International, which figured among the Goodwood sponsors last week, is acquiring Le Centaure, a French equine insurance broker and cover holder based near Deauville.
Lire Le Centaure aujourd'hui, c'est saisir la chance d'ebranler certaines convictions, de revoir et de reviser ce qui se passe tout autour des oeuvres importantes de la periode, notamment, ce qui se joue d'essentiel entre l'affaire Dreyfus et la mort de Mallarme, (les deux volumes de la revue paraissent en 1896 et 1897, l'Affaire s'etend de 94 a 98, et Mallarme meurt brusquement en 1898).
WORK gets underway this month on the development of 66 new apartments at Le Centaure, Flaine in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps.
This situation is due in part to early negative judgments on the quality of his "poesies" by Sainte-Beuve.(4) Yet George Sand recognized the genius in Guerin's best verse and saw to it that some was published, along with "Le Centaure," in her 1840 article on Guerin in La Revue des Deux Mondes that launched his literary career.
MGM has revealed plans for Le Centaure, a residence of 66 apartments, which will embrace the principles of HQE (Haute Qualit Environmental), the international construction industry's high environmental quality standard which aims to integrate the principles of sustainable development defined at the 1992 Earth Summit.