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the act of laying off an employee or a work force

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Workers get lay-off pay of about 80 per cent of their normal wage.
This can range from hiring an out-placement consultant prior to the lay-off, to simply providing reference letters.
If people are laid off, they are certainly entitled to lay-off pay.
Last week Hyundai began distributing lay-off notices to 2,678 workers at its factory in the southeastern city of Ulsan.
Furthermore, a memo created by the former plant manager, Tom Lewandowski, revealed his advice to superiors that the plant closing had to be more than 12 months after the lay-offs so that the employees are deprived of their closing benefits.
Unions have agreed to further negotiations regarding the carrier's lay-off plans after reaching an agreement with management on Sunday evening (18 February).
There are nine salary non-exempt employees on lay-off status.
NASDAQ: DMIF) announced today that it will permanently lay-off approximately seventy employees at it's Plant No.
June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- A proposed change in accounting procedures to show future lay-off and disability benefits as costs on financial statements may adversely affect profitability and other measures of corporate financial strength, and cause companies to review their benefit policies, a leading compensation and benefit firm is advising.
seniority will count in lay-off decisions, in a Texas store a
Several options will then be offered to these employees: relocation to other sectors of activities of Bombardier, lay-off with recall rights or severance pay.
Some former employees even report being called by the contract employment agencies within days of lay-off notification.
Affected employees, primarily in sales and back-of-house functions, will remain Clerys' employees during the temporary lay-off period.
He was seeking compensation for the lay-off which he alleged the firm had done after he complained about the health risks for employees suffering from stone dust.
Auto Business News-9 January 2009-Fiat plans to lay-off white-collar workers(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.