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in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy

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Others aren't taking the order lightly, either: One parish council is considering its finance committee's request to withhold 10 percent of the parish assessment to the archdiocese until lay preaching is restored, according to a lay preacher at that parish.
Shetland-born Eddie, who became a lay preacher at 15, said: "It's been wonderful to be part of the wedding - I was a bit nervous but whether I'm standing at the front of a plane or the front of a church, standing in front of people is what I do, so it was easy enough to get on with it and it all went well.
Hundreds attended his funeral at Capel Mawr, Rhos, yesterday with many heartfelt tributes to his commitment to his community, his dedication to his wife Mair and his family as well as his work as a teacher and as a lay preacher.
Edwards Sayer, a lay preacher in the Diocese of Southwell and a law lecturer at South East Derbyshire College, had planned to buy a villa in Antibes, France, and a house just outside Paris.
Mr Jones, who was a former MEP and is a Methodist lay preacher, has spent years looking for new photos and his book West Bromwich Memories is being launched on Saturday, September 23.
Jones works as a Baptist lay preacher all over Scotland and also does drug rehabilitation work.
My brother was a lay preacher taking the service and I went along with him.
Lay preacher Dr Chandler was just minutes away from home when the car in which he was travelling collided with a Red Citroen and a Ford Sierra.
I found particularly intriguing the author's discussion of the Shaker Rebecca Cox Jackson's self-fashioning against lay preacher Jarena Lee and the still-young A.
Lay preacher John, a computer sales manager, chuckled: "To get my licence I have to show I am fit in mind and body.
The study found that having stated supply from a gifted lay preacher who has additional employment in the community, with the congregation mobilized to handle pastoral care and Christian education responsibilities, provides more effective ministry than yoking two or three churches together under one minister.
He served as a lay preacher for a congregation and worked from 1824 to 1831 as a newspaper editor and from 1840 to 1850 as a teacher and principal at the Jewish teachers' seminary in Berlin.
His greatest success was obtained, nevertheless, under the pen name "The Lay Preacher," his byline for inspirational essays, practically sermons, that made him one of the most widely read authors of his day.
After a period of intense spiritual struggle, he joined the Baptist church at Bedford and later became a lay preacher.