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Synonyms for succession

Synonyms for succession

a way in which things follow each other in space or time

a number of things placed or occurring one after the other

Synonyms for succession

a group of people or things arranged or following in order

the action of following in order

(ecology) the gradual and orderly process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established

acquisition of property by descent or by will


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Hence, the fact that the laws of succession were purposefully extended to Canada belies the argument that matters of royal succession are not part of Canadian law.
While it gives moral support to the Parliament of the United Kingdom, its assent is not legally necessary for the British Parliament to change the laws of succession for the United Kingdom, and its assent to a British act does not actually change the laws of succession for Canada.
really cares if the laws of succession have been changed so first-born female heirs can inherit the throne?
The Cabinet Office said talks had been held with Commonwealth countries that would be affected by changes in the laws of succession.
OUTDATED and "sexist" laws of succession must be changed following the announcement that Prince William and Catherine Middleton are to marry, an MP has demanded.
Such laws of succession should be set aside for national emergencies where the fate of the nations rests on the ability of the government to respond.
If such a law had the effect of denying any children access to the throne, the laws of succession would be altered, and according to the second paragraph of the preamble to the Statute of Westminster, the assent of the Canadian parliament and the parliaments of the Commonwealth that recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state would be required.
If an act of parliament is needed, it is unlikely to be unopposed, with MPs raising the future of the monarchy, laws of succession and disestablishment of the Church of England.
A THE laws of succession do allow for circumstances where certain people can in effect inherit someone else's tenancy.