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English writer (born in Ireland) (1713-1766)


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13 /PRNewswire/ -- Internet veterans Lawrence Sterne and Chris Southern have launched Passguard (http://www.
Lawrence Sterne wrote one of the seminal English comic novels,dealing with the struggle of rationality and our physical needs.
Eliot, Sir Thomas Browne, Henry David Thoreau, Robert Burton, and Lawrence Sterne - whose work is distinctively "metaphysical" in style and attitude?
com is a must-read for those seeking global perspective and strong statistical backup about Internet stocks," said Lawrence Sterne, managing editor of InternetStockReport.
Aeneid's technology is helping us accelerate the transition from a starting point to a destination site on the Web -- a place where investors can go to conduct all of their investment research from one location," said Lawrence Sterne, CEO of WSRN.
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