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a graduate school offering study leading to a law degree

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At the time of ``The Paper Chase,'' most students at law schools across the country took only courses based on the traditional case method, and it was common to graduate from law school without having ever seen a real legal pleading document, met a client or learned much about the real-world workings of the legal system other than through pronouncements of appeals courts reprinted in textbooks.
Cramming for the Law School Admissions Test is a rite of passage for aspiring lawyers.
I'm uncomfortable when a professor takes my ideas and subjects me to some sort of public humiliation," New York University law student Sarah Thieman told The New York Times, complaining about the Socratic method of law school teaching.
Most students who enter law school do so with a lot of passion and excitement about the educational experience awaiting them and also the eventual goal of practicing law, so it's encouraging that most new graduates feel their law schools provided them with a productive three years," said Steven Marietti, Esq.
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The Columbia University Law School graduate served as attorney-advisor to former Federal Trade Commissioner Mozelle Thompson, analyzing recommendations for Commission action.
Law Schools, compiled by University of Texas law Professor Brian Leiter and his staff, relies heavily on objective measures of faculty output and impact in assigning its rankings.
By definition, the campaign had to be rooted in the fertile ground of law schools.
Pepperdine's public courtship of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to be dean of its law school has brought unprecedented attention to the school, which is one of a handful of law schools that say their mission is to incorporate the values of Jesus Christ into the law and are working to influence legal thought nationally.
It is--or was--one of the leading public-interest law schools in the country.
Included is a table providing the admission data for Canadian law schools.
Event allows prospective students to "visit" more than a dozen law schools online from dorm, home or office
However, 23 percent hope for a competitive student culture but only 2 percent of law schools consider their culture to be competitive and a whopping 98 percent say they believe it to be collaborative.
Out of 130 law schools which fielded candidates in the 2015 bar exam, 28 schools had zero passing rate while another 28 schools registered a 10 percent or less passing rate.
Law schools have met similar challenges, and two recent surveys conducted by Kaplan spanning 1,000 law school graduates and pre-law students present intriguing although not surprising opinions on what law schools should do about tuition prices.
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