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(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

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structured and built around the law, common law education is more
A course text focused on the presentations of legal concepts and terminology, through the introduction of the language of law, Common Law Legal English and Grammar is organized thematically around exercises designed to build legal vocabulary progressively.
If this polarized political spectrum is not reconciled by the rule of law, common ideals and shared values within a framework of power-sharing in Parliament, central and local governments, maintaining political stability and sense of nationhood will get harder in Turkey.
Mozan said even if residents were ignorant of the law, common sense would require that if someone asks to leave a party, you let them go.
Key features of this work are: national environmental law and policy; international environmental law, also focusing on environmental law within the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC); environmental management; water and land law; conservation of biodiversity; mining and energy law, including renewable energy law; customary law, common law and criminal law aspects of environmental law; intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge; climate change; environmental justice and human rights; international trade, sustainable development and the environment; and environmental journalism.
This excludes, for the most part, civil law traditions in francophone countries and hybrid legal systems such as Cameroon or South Africa, which contain a hodgepodge of customary law, Roman Dutch law, common law, and civil law.
They were joined by speakers from the Qatar, the UK, US, Canada, Egypt, Germany and France for a series of panel presentations on topics including a study on civil law, common law and Islamic law; and comparative perspectives on, separately, constitutional law, criminal law and business law.
The conference brings together accomplished scholars of comparative law from countries and universities where civil, Islamic and common law are taught and practiced to explore the impact of Islamic law, common and civil law on each other.
In this sense, what the American people need now is not mere skepticism, but the toppling of the liars on the Capitol Hill where stupidity has no limits, and electing a leader that has respect for international law, common sense and their own welfare (not Israel) - before things get worse than what they are now and before crude oil prices hit the $200 mark
Great legal traditions; civil law, common law, and Chinese law in historical and operational perspective.