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the body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church

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Jason Taliadoros, who focused his doctoral studies at the University of Melbourne on Vacarius, notes the challenge posed by the Italian jurist's multidisciplinarity: "It is perhaps the difficulty of following Vacarius into these various areas of interest, namely Roman law, canon law, theology, exegesis, logic, and philosophy, that has prevented any single, comprehensive study on this man and his intellectual output" (1).
Rather, she gives a short summary of each degree: name of recipient; any additional identifying information, such as claims of noble or priestly status; place of residence, usually a city, diocese, or secular state; date; whether the doctorate was in civil law, canon law, or both; archival reference; and printed sources, if any.
At the same time, I personally would not want to see religion-specific based laws becoming a formal part of our Canadian legal system, whether it is sharia law, Canon law from the Vatican or other Christian churches, or any other particular religious system.
These institutions were the only complete universities of significance; Grendler defines a "functioning, whole" university as one that had both a papal or imperial charter to grant doctoral degrees recognized in all Christian countries and a minimum faculty of six to eight professors offering advanced instruction in civil law, canon law, medicine, logic, natural philosophy, and often rhetoric.
Current church law, Canon B8, stipulates that clergy celebrating communion must wear either a surplice, the white frock-like vestment, or alb - the hooded garment with a stole around the neck.