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leader of the American Revolution and president of the Continental Congress (1724-1792)

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It is perhaps the third definition of 'transmettre' , that of 'action de faire connaitre', which is explored most fully in L'Amour, roman' Connaitre', the verb which, in its biblical sense, designates sexual knowledge of the other, is the focus of Laurens's particular brand of word-playing.
Henry David Calder Miranda Helen McCrory Simon Will Keen Daniel Damian Lewis Freyja Indira Varma Not every dysfunctional-family drama contains lines like "It is art to fly speech in the air," but Joanna Laurens' Almeida Theater entry "Five Gold Rings" has loftier things in mind than the mere settling of domestic scores.
However, according to the testimony of another analyst, Jung was of the opinion that 'Laurens had an extremely fluent ego-structure' which would never change.
Laurens could be termed a glory hunter but instead after his death, his Southern compatriots turned him into a hero, following the lead of historian and physician David Ramsay, who married into the Laurens family.
(*) `Jung and the story of our time' by Laurens van der Post, Hogarth Press 1976, Penguin Books 1978, 1985
It's now an embarrassing landmark in the sleepy town of Laurens, South Carolina.
Sir Laurens van der Post, who died aged 90 last week, always denied the love child was his daughter.
There are, for instance, a series of omissions and suppressions, beginning with the fact that Paine was neither directly nor officially involved with Laurens' mission to obtain French aid, while Washington was.
At Ostfriesische Tee Gesekkschaft Laurens Spethmann (OTG) in Germany, this is not the case; rather; the company was formed by Laurens Janssen, whose grandson, Laurens Spethmann, and his wife, Marianne, have instead incorporated their sons, Jochen and Michael, into the business.
Laurens, a leading merchant of his native Charleston, was greatly attached to Great Britian, but broke with its government over some of its maritime policies, against which he directed Some General Observations on American Custom House Officers and Courts of Vice-Admiralty (1769).
It's hard to oppose LAURENS in the sevenfurlong Group 2 City Of York Stakes (3.00).
Being able to put names to faces is always great with our old pictures, so thanks to Yolande Laurens for dropping us a line to clear up some details about this Shrewsbury photo from nearly 60 years ago.
A notable absentee was the Karl Burke-trained multiple Group One winner Laurens.
FIVE-TIME Group 1 winner Laurens will miss the Tattersalls Falmouth Stakes at Newmarket on Friday due to a minor injury.
Tipster Andrew Bladen believes this Group 1 contest could well be the perfect pipe opener for the filly Laurens, who may go on from here to scale greater heights at Royal Ascot and Europe later in the season.