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(Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table


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THE VEGAS YEARS: Jamie Beamish as Launcelot Gobbo, and (inset) Patrick Stewart as Shylock in the RSC's outrageous version of The Merchant Of Venice
4) Swinburne wrote: "Mr Tennyson has lowered the note and deformed the outline of the Arthurian story, by reducing Arthur to wittol, Guenevere to the level of a woman of intrigue, and Launcelot to the level of a 'co-respondent'" (Swinburne 1872 [1967]: 318).
The mixture of computer kids and story-telling is handled well with two of them getting involved in the action: Wirral actress RebeccaRainsford ends up as a romantic Guinevere while Duncan MacInnes Arthur and Launcelot among others.
8) The possibility that Falstaff is in Avalon connects with the line from "Sir Launcelot du Lac" and the subsequent reference to the "Nine Worthies," one of whom is Arthur (Henry IV, part two, 2.
penne pe best of De bur3 bo3ed togeder, Aywan, and Errik, and oper ful mony, Sir Doddinaul de Sauage, pe duk of Clarence, Launcelot, and Lyonel, and Lucan pe gode, Sir Boos, and Sir Byduer, big men bope, And mony oper menskful, with Mador de la Port.
A more substantial instance comes with Sir Launcelot Greaves, which began its regular monthly run in the inaugural number (January 1760) of Smollett's own British Magazine, concluded with its twenty-fifth instalment in December 1761, and like Harriot and Sophia would only appear in volume form in the following year.
In The Merchant of Venice, Launcelot Gobbo acts out an interlude in which he invents two familiar second-order characters:
From his cosmopolitan-republican view, the mythical, reciprocated love of Launcelot, like that of Tristram, Tannhauser, or Paolo, being the effect of a fated desire, frees lovers from the norm so that they may trade "all other bliss" and all "worldly worth" for sublime passion.
William Beck (left) as Launcelot Gobbo and Larrington Walker as old Gobbo in the Merchant of Venice.
5) "Such, then was my position: to care for almost nothing but the gods and heroes, the garden of the Hesperides, Launcelot and the Grail, and to believe in nothing but atoms and evolution and military service" (Surprised 174).
At the termination of this sentence, and for a moment, paused; for it appeared to me (although I at once concluded that my excited fancy had deceived me)--it appeared to me that, from some very remote portion of the mansion, there came, indistinctly, to my ears, what might have been, in its exact similarity of character, the echo (but a stifled and dull one certainly) of the very crackling and ripping sound which Sir Launcelot had so particularly described.
Proposals, drawn up by city architect Sir Launcelot Keay in the 1930s and 1940s, included 5,000 houses, a technical school, parish church, public baths and a community centre with concert hall, gymnasium, public library, cinemas, art gallery and open-air theatre.
Rather, Jones turns to Launcelot, the failed quester and frustrated lover, whose unsuccessful search for spiritual and romantic fulfillment finds a twentieth-century analogue in the cultural pessimism articulated in The Waste Land.
entirely: for example, The Spiritual Quixote and Sir Launcelot Greaves.