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United States film actor (born in England) (1899-1962)

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Mr Laughton is the founder of the UK Penny Farthing Club, while Mr Fox-Pitt MBE is an adventurer and motivational speaker based in Aberfeldy.
Laughton said the value of charitable deductions increased in 2013 when income tax and capital gains tax rates went up for most high-income earners.
Co-owner Jeff Laughton said: "He was unlucky last time he was here and unlucky last time back in Britain.
The home on Conway Walk, Hartlepool, searched on June 15 had been sub-let to Laughton, said prosecutor Jenny Haigh on Wednesday.
This film focuses on two drivers - Roger Laughton, 46, who weighs 31 stone, with doctors telling him he's lucky to be alive; and Mike Davis, 30, who is also dangerously obese at 20 stone.
In his superb book, Palmers Hill - the name of the brothers' home - Worcester author Ian Morris described the chilling moment that father Laughton was informed of the loss of his son.
In his superb book, Palmers Hill - the name of the brothers' stately home - Worcester author Ian Morris describes the chilling moment that Laughton Goodwin was informed of the loss of his son.
The pies aren't bad and the pint goes down a treat as Mr and Mrs Laughton, two film stars from the 1930s, invite us into their home.
Former SAS troop commander and veteran adventurer Laughton, 40, told of their ordeal after being taken to safety by US coastguards.
The Laughton Prospect is a fault and dip closed structure mapped on a 2D seismic grid.
Target: Farm-in to the onventional prospects only of PEDL209 containing the Laughton Prospect
Laughton of Rochester, New York has been included in the Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Edition for her outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of marketing.
She was but nineteen, living in Britain, flush with her first recognition in Alfred Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn, and under contract to its star Charles Laughton. Somehow this Catholic girl who said a "Hail Mary" every night found herself hitched to a Protestant without realizing what was happening to her.