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the site in Rome containing the church of Rome and the Lateran Palace

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Giulio Carpi, director of the School of International Pastoral Management at the Pontifical Lateran University, echoed that sentiment in a discussion at the end of the seminar.
The Fourth Lateran Council held at Rome in November 1215 was the culmination of the pontificate of Innocent III (1198-1216) and focused on crusade, heresy, and the reform of the Church--the preoccupations of this pope's reign.
After the tattered band from Assisi requested papal recognition in 1209, a sleeping Innocent sees its leader supporting the cracking facade of the Lateran Basilica, the cathedral of the bishop of Rome.
John Lateran and meeting Native people Mary and I had known in our work in the western Canadian missions, and greeting some of them in their own languages.
With the Vatican's temporal presence only recently restored in 1929 with the Lateran treaty, the pope had to be concerned with shoring up the Holy See's power and prestige with assurances like concordats, which may well have distracted him from addressing a human rights crisis of epic proportions as the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic church.
Qualifications and specializations: Doctor of Moral Theology - Bioethics- 1999 Academia Alphonsiana Lateran University Rome - Italy Diploma of Human Rights Studies (DEA)- 1999 Institute of Human Rights Catholic University - Lyon Master in Bioethics- 1998 John Paul II Institute of Marriage & Family, Vatican City - Italy Master of Moral Theology (DEA)- Honours (Summa Cum Laude) Academia Alphonsiana Lateran University Rome - Italy 10.
divides 21 councils into eight of the "Early Church" (Nicaea to Constantinople IV); ten in the "Middle Ages" (Lateran I to Lateran V); and three for the "Modern Era" (Trent to Vatican II).
The three outer sections consist of didactic texts reflecting the 1215 Lateran Council syllabus of religious instruction.
9) The law further allowed the pope to maintain a private army, the Swiss and noble guards, and gave the pope control over the Vatican, Lateran, and Castel Gandolfo.
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will reportedly preside over the Corpus Christi Holy Mass and Procession at Basilica of St John Lateran in Vatican City on June 23.
Provisions of the concordat -known as the Lateran Treaty - were incorporated into the 1947 constitution.
Adam reports that Innocent had a triumphant procession through Rome to the Lateran (formerly St Peter's at the Vatican), adding: "Then, after turning aside out of abhorrence of Pope Joan, whose image with her son stands near St Clement's, the Pope, dismounting from his horse, entered the Lateran for his enthronement.
He celebrated his Papal Inauguration Mass on April 25, 2005, and took possession of his cathedral - the Basilica of St John Lateran - on May 7, 2005.
In 1179 the Third Lateran Council decided that papal elections should in future require a majority of only two-thirds.
Popular belief holds that fragments of his skull are stored at another basilica in Rome's St John Lateran.