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Synonyms for fingerprint

a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger

a generic term for any identifying characteristic

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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

take an impression of a person's fingerprints

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Machine learning algorithms need large datasets for training and testing, and until now, large datasets of latent fingerprints have not been available to researchers, largely due to privacy concerns.
For these reasons, forensic Photoshop latent fingerprint enhancements have occasionally been found questionable.
The ADROITTM FC 300 latent fingerprint development system based on technology developed by Linde Canada, Ltd.
In March 2012, Anhui Province secured the number one position by a large margin in an annual study conducted by Public Safety Authority that seeks to identify latent fingerprints from unresolved cases spanning the entire country.
The FBI, working side-by-side with Indian forensic specialists, sifted through the crime scene debris and successfully recovered a latent fingerprint from a fragment of a detonated improvised explosive device.
The military needs "faster, better and cheaper" ways to collect evidence in the field, such as latent fingerprints.
More than zero: Accounting for error in latent fingerprint identification, The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (2005) 95:985-1078.
Today many small and even medium-sized agencies employ CSI and latent fingerprint examiners whose entire training consists of some junior college courses and self-training on the job.
In a Baltimore County, Maryland, courtroom, a state circuit court judge ruled that testimony about latent fingerprint evidence was not admissible because the state could not prove that it had "a reliable factual foundation.
Since all of the fingerprints of arrestees from local, state, and regional systems should also be sent to the FBI, according to former FBI Latent Fingerprint Section Supervisor Robert Hazen, it might seem that the FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) offers a work-around to the interoperability of the other systems.
is also a lead specialist with a county-level forensic unit and a certified latent print examiner, accomplishments he puts to good use in his descriptions of the history of fingerprint identification, friction skin, friction skin classification, exemplar fingerprint impressions, latent fingerprint development and recovery, special development procedures and conditions, quality variation, identification, fabrications and errors, evidence, photography, computerized databases, scientific comparative evidence, legal courts and dactyloscopy, and the training and protocol needed for 10-print and latent print examiners.
Mayfield, who claimed not to have left the United States in ten years and did not have a passport, was implicated in this attack almost solely on the basis of a latent fingerprint found on a bag in Madrid containing detonators and explosives in the aftermath of the bombing.
Certification of criminalists, questioned document examiners, latent fingerprint specialists, and other forensic specialists is not mandatory in California.
This presentation will review the theory behind form blindness as well as the relationship to testing for laboratory positions as a latent fingerprint examiner.