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Synonyms for fingerprint

a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger

a generic term for any identifying characteristic

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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

take an impression of a person's fingerprints

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Fingerprint identification, arguably the most common forensic evidence used worldwide, has taken a huge leap forward with the introduction of the Linde ADROIT(TM) FC 300 latent fingerprint development system, developed by Linde Canada, an affiliate of The Linde Group, a world-leading gases and engineering company.
While the renovation was being complete the unit used a Clark University laboratory to conduct its latent fingerprint analysis.
NIST's ELFT-EFS testing program evaluates the accuracy of latent matching by using features within the fingerprint marked by experienced professional latent fingerprint examiners.
Consequently, the Senate mark on the 2002 Federal Appropriation Bill contained the following language: "The Committee is aware that the FBI Laboratory has a long list of unfunded research projects, including proposals for new techniques to detect: (1) date rape drugs or metabolites in the blood stream, (2) latent fingerprints left by children, and (3) gunshot residue on shooters' hands and other surfaces.
In 1991, a police specialist from the Knoxville, Tennessee, Police Department contacted the FBI Latent Fingerprint Section to inquire about the FBI's experience and previous research on developing latent prints on skin.
The NIST ELFT-EFS test was developed to evaluate the current state-of-the-art in latent fingerprint matching.
Finally, the division will provide information-based support for some of the analytical functions of the FBI, such as latent fingerprint examination, DNA analysis, and behavioral science.
Other additional products provided by L-1 include workstations for Ten Print and latent fingerprint examiners, as well as forensic face matching.
New services and upgrades include advanced latent fingerprint processing including multi-algorithm encoding and fusion matching on NEC's best-in-class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform that easily scales to meet future needs that arise.
Tenders are invited for Procurement and Installation of One (1) Latent Fingerprint Workstation for East Point s Police Department
These include a ruggedized latent fingerprint processing workstation, biometric identity card readers, SearchGate and SmartGate(TM) access control devices, ePassport and much more.
This new concept in latent fingerprint matching allows up to a 15% greater accuracy reading offering a higher hit rate than previously possible.
The upgraded ID 1000 10-Print Live Scan Fingerprint System can aid the identification process for law enforcement, forensic fingerprint examiners and latent fingerprint examiners.
Achievements and advances at DFS in 2017 include: two clean audits by two different accrediting bodies; a zero rape kit backlog; 95 percent of homicide and priority cases in the latent fingerprint department were completed within 60 days; expedited case processing through the creation of partnerships that streamline processes and give the agency the ability to scale up and down based on need; new technologies and procedures to keep the Districts labs on the forefront of advances in the field; and the implementation of an internship program that gives exposure to and trains the next generation of scientists.