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This may be because the TPHA test is relatively insensitive in the early primary stage of syphilis; 8 sera were non-reactive to both VDRL and RPR, but TPHA reactive because those 8 cases were treated cases of early and late syphilis.
Late syphilis is late latent and tertiary (CDC, WHO).
It is well known that increase in the total incidence of syphilis is caused by increase in the incidence of manifest forms of early syphilis and, conversely, the proportion of latent and late syphilis in the structure of syphilis increases in interepidemic period.
All the patients were treated for late syphilis with Benzathine Pencillin 2.
Non-treponemal tests are also limited in that they lack the sensitivity to detect very early and late syphilis.
For HIV-positive people treated for syphilis, Zetola and Klausner recommend serologic response monitoring for up to 1 year for early syphilis and up to 2 years for late syphilis, before deciding whether treatment worked.
It's estimated 40 per cent of infected people will develop late syphilis.
This treatment is typical for late syphilis and not the early syphilis that this case was," Dr.