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the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)

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Hypenating last names can be good, but then the names might be super long, like Liberto-McCaterpillar.
Some last names were changed if they were too hard to spell.
To separate the Full Name field into First Name and Last Name, we can use the MID function.
The Arab last names which made it to the highest places on the list are Agbaria (ninth), Mahmid (14th), Jabarin (15th), Khatib (21st), Mahajna (29th), Zoabi (30th) and Souad (36th).
Courts are of the view that different last names among family members does not result in social stigma or any administrative difficulty (see Johnston v.
It found that the first letter of our last names determines how quickly we act on consumer opportunities as grownups.
After the question is popped, the Facebook statuses are changed, and a gay couple decide to put a ring on it, there's another issue they must tackle: their last names.
Although women may keep their own last names or "choose" to take their husbands', the truth is that they, too, face generally accepted societal norms against doing anything but adopting their husbands' last names.
For example a very common predicament is when first and last names are stored together in one column, but they need to be manually split apart when a personalised email or letter has to be done.
Given the diversity of opinion regarding the use of names, coupled with national patient safety recommendations concerning patient identification, we suggest that physicians initially use patients' first and last names and introduce themselves using their own first and last names," the authors wrote.
But the Name Equality Act of 2007 would make it as easy for them to change their last names as it is for wives upon marriage.
You can reverse the entry of the first and last names (e.
Minor confusions: in "Making it the Hard Way," the alternate use of first and last names makes it appear that there are four boxers in the ring instead of two.
However, people from other countries sometimes give their children several first names - often naming them after family members - and then the child receives last names from each parent.