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Russ Harrison is president of the Last Frontier Council and Jeff Woolsey is CEO.
Backshall explains why he thinks Alaska is so special: "It is the last frontier of the continent, with forgotten forests the size of nations, cut through with glaciers, mountains and raging rivers.
Deftly written by Gavin Knight, "The Swordfish And The Star" is the compelling story of a whole community, especially those still working the last frontier on the edge of the sea: the Cornish fishermen, dreamers and fighters who prepare daily for battle with the vast grey Atlantic.
Today the country is on the edge of an abyss: the installation of a mendacious and cathartic fair sex Chancellor in the patriarchal society of the last frontier.
Since 2012, Alaska Airlines has donated over USD250,000 in free air travel and discounted companion travel to the Last Frontier Honor Flight program.
Film is the last frontier. In some films, the percentage of tobacco scenes is far greater than you would see in society."
Synopsis: "Icebound Empire: Industry and Politics on the Last Frontier, 1898-1938" by Elizabeth A.
So imagine what it's like for the camera crew that shoots them for Discovery's "Alaska: The Last Frontier."
As a resident of North Northumberland for over 35 years I have seen that our region has been treated as the 'last frontier' and systematically neglected by the two party system, or red and blue politics of Whitehall and Westminster.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Arctic sea ice has been been the last frontier of the North for thousands of years, turning back seafarers, testing the mettle of explorers, and providing a way of life for people circling the top of the world.
Palawan, known as the Last Frontier, attracts tourists to its lush rainforests, marine life, mountains, primeval caves, pristine beaches, and exotic flora and fauna.
The Last Frontier, by Kelly, who came to the North East from Canada, will intrigue those who saw her Mariner 9 installation at Whitley Bay's Spanish City last summer.
Since then, many foreign companies, including Japanese firms, have made forays into the country, deemed the "last frontier" for business opportunities among fast-growing Southeast Asian nations.
This country was the last frontier, and to be able to spend six months on the Western frontier, finding a sense of self-worth and exploration, was an experience I'll probably never have again.”
Monologues from the Last Frontier Theatre Conference; the best of the 2009-2012 Monologue Workshop.