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(New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives

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After twice being delayed on the road, we arrived in London at three o'clock on the afternoon of the last day of the month.
The phrase, "at the month's end," meant, as I understood it, at the last hour of the last day in the month.
It was one of the many causes for personal pride with which old Osborne chose to recreate himself that Sedley, his ancient rival, enemy, and benefactor, was in his last days so utterly defeated and humiliated as to be forced to accept pecuniary obligations at the hands of the man who had most injured and insulted him.
So, never mind, whether she be a heroine or no; or you and I, however old, scolding, and bankrupt--may we have in our last days a kind soft shoulder on which to lean and a gentle hand to soothe our gouty old pillows.
She kept thinking that it was the last day that they would be together in this altogether sweet and close intimacy.
Never was he more a god in Kama's mind than in the last days of the south-bound traverse, as the failing Indian watched him, ever to the fore, pressing onward with urgency of endurance such as Kama had never seen nor dreamed could thrive in human form.
This is the last day I shall burden your hospitality,' said she, as she seated herself at the table.
All the women in the fancy starch room knew it was Saxon's last day.
But it was startling to see this excellent hearted Quakeress coming on board, as she did the last day, with a long oil-ladle in one hand, and a still longer whaling lance in the other.
Lastly, he pictured the young girl in her shift, with the rope about her neck, shoulders bare, feet bare, almost nude, as he had seen her on that last day.
In this month I devoured all the 'Waverley novels,' but I must have been devouring a great many others, for Charles Reade's 'Christie Johnstone' is associated with the last moment of the last days.
The bustle and terror of the Rostovs' last days in Moscow stifled the gloomy thoughts that oppressed Sonya.
The old navy in its last days earned a fame that no belittling malevolence dare cavil at.
BADIN -- Central leader of Sindhiani Tehreek, Saleha Gopang Passed away in a road accident on last day.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has noted a low turnout on Saturday, the last day of the five-month voters' registration period for the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections.