Lassen Volcanic National Park

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a national park in California having mountains and volcanic lakes and hot springs

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Photographs and ephemera in the permanent collections of the California Historical Society (clockwise from top-left): 1) Lassen Volcanic National Park map and information brochure, about 1951; 2) photograph by R.
1990), to localized events, such as the minor eruptions of Cinder Cone in Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California that only affected nearby trees (Russell, 1897; Finch, 1937).
With 150 miles of trails and several lakes, there are lots of other places to explore in Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Your article on Lassen Volcanic National Park (July, page 32; and on sunset.
Fire is considered a natural part of the landscape," said Russell Lesko, chief of resources management at Lassen Volcanic National Park and a resource advisor on the BAER team.
We've been in Lassen Volcanic National Park for two days, and this keeps happening to us: We turn a corner or crest a hill and we are stunned, reduced to single-syllable utterances of wonder.
For Yellowstone planners contemplating options, an example may lie in Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, which in 1993 made the controversial decision to shut down a 55-year-old ski area, one of the oldest in the country.
To get started, take a ranger-led snowshoe walk of Lassen Volcanic National Park for some of the prettiest winter hiking in Northern California.
Rainier National Park, Washington, and Lassen Peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California, are technically active volcanoes in the explosive Cascade Range, to which Mount St.
Over the past few days, we've spent a lovely morning at the edge of Lassen Volcanic National Park, in the dappled shade along Hot Springs Creek.
We received the August issue with your wonderful article "Spectacular Lassen" (page 20 or 50, most editions) the same week we went to Lassen Volcanic National Park.
With its glorious scenery and geothermal wonders, Northern California's Lassen Volcanic National Park is incomparable