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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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Rita McBride's wormhole created with laserbeams - part of the 2016 Liverpool Biennial - inside the Toxteth Reservoir in High Park StreetJAMES MALONEY
Prior to Hoover's tenure, the post was seen as something of a joke-- the department's vanity history of itself, From Lighthouses to Laserbeams, confesses right there in the title that one of Commerce's most important duties was managing lighthouses.
Ten-day old Toga II is guarded by a security system of hi-tech fences and laserbeams - as well as several human minders.
Secondly, there's no multi-player mode, so you'll have to stick to monsters and laserbeams if you want some four-player action.
Once the dry ice had faded from view, the laserbeams had been switched off and the ear-bashing, drum-'n'-bass riff which introduced the promotional video became a throbbing memory, all eyes fell on the main man.