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trifoliata, Lardizabalaceae) could be substituted with guan mutong (Aristolochia manshuriensis) or chuan mutong (Clematis armandii or C.
It is therefore likely that laboratory analysis of AA on some of the involved species (see Table 5 above) belonging to families other than the Aristolochiaceae family (i.e., Lardizabalaceae, Menispermaceae and Ranunculaceae) might show positive activities, resulting from commercially obtained test samples that were not taxonomically authenticated.
Lardizabalaceae; Sugiyama & Hara, 1988; Ranunculaceae; Pabon-Mora, 2012) clearly show that each compound leaf initiates from a single primordium, and that an early incepted terminal leaflet is always present, which clearly contradicts Ahrend's (1961) statement that a short shoot of Berberis is equivalent to a compound leaf.
The genera of Berberidaceae, Lardizabalaceae and Menispermaceae in the southeastern United States.
Within Ranuneulales, Papaveraceae (vessels with simple perforation plates throughout the plant, even in primary xylem: Bierhorst & Zamora, 1965; Carlquist & Zona, 1988) is sister to a group of families that includes Lardizabalaceae and Ranunculaceae.
Wood anatomy of Lardizabalaceae, with comments on the vining habit, ecology, and systematics.
An investigation on carpels of Lardizabalaceae in relation to taxonomy and phylogeny.
Among the Ranunculales, aluminum hyperaccumulators are known only in Holboellia and Stauntonia of the Lardizabalaceae. This family forms a strongly supported clade that forms a trichotomy with the herbaceous family Circaeasteraceae and a clade of Menispermaceae, Berberidaceae, and Ranunculaceae (Soltis et al., 2000).
The utility of atpB gene sequences in resolving phylogenetic relationships: Comparison with rbcL and 18S ribosomal DNA sequences in the Lardizabalaceae. Ann.