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a portable computer small enough to use in your lap

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Across the computer industry, rugged laptop computers are known as ruggedized laptops.
An operating system recovery disc for all software and lardware should be supplied with each laptop computer
About 1,000 another laptop computers would be provided to students of some schools, Hairan said.
However, most laptop computer screens are 15 inches or less.
A DISTRAUGHT Dublin mother is pleading for the return of a stolen laptop computer containing personal files belonging to her recently deceased son.
More than half the managers said "mission-critical" data loss on laptop computers was either "very rare" or "non-existent.
gave Dell latitude laptop computers to all 170 of its freshmen students in its School of Arts & Sciences and School of Nursing this fall.
A laptop computer and a Nokia mobile phone were also stolen from a car at Ardencote Manor Hotel, Lye Green Road, Claverdon, between 8.
Revenue Officers can download necessary taxpayer information for active case assignments to their laptop computers prior to contacting the taxpayers or their representatives in the field.
The functionality of laptop computers had greatly increased since the first Zeniths had been purchased, while the cost had come down; these machines did not cost significantly more than full-sized workstations.
Now laptop computers can do desktop publishing and spreadsheets.
Notebook and laptop computers are five times more likely to be stolen than desktop systems.