Fall of Man

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(Judeo-Christian mythology) when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, God punished them by driving them out of the Garden of Eden and into the world where they would be subject to sickness and pain and eventual death

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Nicola Allen's essay brings out a connection between the feminine knowledge-seeker's social class and lapsarian shame.
To begin with, he equates lapsarian marriage with clothes: and
lapsarian wife, I find the distinction difficult to untangle, though I
Contra Makdisi, she sees Shelley's great poem Prometheus Unbound as flawed precisely because the poet did not have available to him a developmental model of human history that would have endowed his idealistic vision of the "ultimate triumph of the human mind" with a measure of "historic realism." If he had known Darwin, she argues, Shelley would have preferred an evolutionary to a lapsarian model of history and would have abandoned his Rousseau.
Spenser's imagination tended to move laterally in the distinctly lapsarian, and allegorically unstable realms of ancient and medieval mythologies; while Sylvester's Du Bartas was afraid to allow his "heedful Muse, trayned in true Religion, / Devinely-humane" to soar too high, commanding it instead to keep to the "middle Region"
Yet Woolf's narrator refuses to let us endorse this lapsarian view of history, or that sense of history as cultural treasure trove from which it springs.
And there can be no greater violation of that innocence than certain knowledge of it, the ultimate lapsarian inheritance.
while essentially hieratic, works in and through a pervasively demotic medium; its eschatology accordingly reflects something of the predominantly lapsarian scepticism of the national temper, at least so far as that has been revealed through literary sensibilities in the past sixty years or so: the poetry of Allen Curnow, the stories of Frank Sargeson, and the letters of A R D Fairburn are tonally almost homogeneous in this respect.
Yet, lapsarian language also acts as a powerful medium, even--in the Christian poetic imagination--as a possible mediator between human and divine, if the word can be reconciled with the Word.
Like a temple of modest purity and chaste devotion, it is here that original happiness structured along obedience, not violated by lapsarian transgression, prevails, and the ark becomes a spatial expression of the covenant with God thus safeguarding what is inside it from all sides.
Such is Liu's darkly lapsarian view, which seems at once historically over- and underdetermined.
But as the slide in signifiers above suggests--from operative to operator to operated-that lapsarian state affects language as well.
He then reads Malone Dies as representing the 'end of the book' that will develop into The Unnamable, which he persuasively argues is the 'beginning of writing', and the illustration of how Malone Dies plays with lapsarian epistemology is well argued and stimulating.
No longer saddled with an inescapable lapsarian Adamic identity, Christians could seek their own salvation as well as risk their own perdition.
Radical feminists, in particular, might be interested to read that in familiar lapsarian fashion, they have elaborated their 'dead end fraud' (p.