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any of the languages spoken by the Lapps and generally assumed to be Uralic languages

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Much of this accessible biography of Danish anthropologist Emilie Demant Hatt explores her complicated relationship with Johan Turi, a member of the Sami, an ethnic group in Lapland, and their literary and artistic collaborations, including An Account of the Sami in 1910 and Lappish Texts in 1918.
Kick start your Lappish journey by spending a day in Helsinki.
Heading towards the Swedish border, we drive an hour and a half south-east of Tromso to Camp Tamok, a Sami-run activity centre where people can enjoy traditional Lappish hospitality.
Demant Hatt edited another book of Turi's writings, Lappish Texts, and continued to write and lecture about the Sami in years to come, often taking a strong tone to praise the Sami way of life and to defend them against racist views, including the rising strain of racial biology ideology in Swedish anthropology.
There's a little bit of England that goes Lappish each December too.
This year, the Seminar was organised on 3 May 2013 with title Musiikkikirjastojen uudet palvelut (New Services of Music Libaries), and the following presentations were given: "Music Bazaar and the Mashups of Library Network Services" by Jaska Jarvilehto; "PopuLapland: A Database for Lappish Popular Music" by Jouni Makinen; "Naxos Music Library and Mobile Services of NML Jazz" by Jarkko Rikkila; "Marketing an Information Service: Case for Personal Music Trainer" by Ilja Vesterinen; "A History of Progressive Rock: A Work-in-Progress Introduction to Aamunkoiton portit ' " by Matti Pajuniemi (see Publications).
Dressed in a long sheepskin coat, he entered the room, greeted the Swedish traveller with a firm handshake, complimented him for his warm Lappish dress and showed him to the room where he was to stay.
Menu 3 has saut?d reindeer, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jelly, snow rhapsody; Lappish berries with soft vanilla ice-cream while Menu 4 gets more elaborate with creamy soup made of smoked reindeer and blue cheese, flavoured with parsley, fried salmon and cloudberry-cream sauce, sliced potatoes and vegetables, warm bread pudding grandmother style and vanilla custard.
He was a government pastor himself, hailing from the remote north of the country and also working there in areas with Sami and Lappish people, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, living in the north of the countries as nomadic or semi-nomadic reindeer herdsmen.
They were known in the past as Lapps, or Lappish, but they no longer accept those terms, which were given to them by non-Sami settlers and explorers.
It makes for an excellent spot in which to settle down for a seriously large Lappish dinner.Pea soup is followed by reindeer stew (of course) and potato gratin, and we finish with chocolate tart and a delicious cloudberry liqueur.
High serum selenium concentrations in reindeer breeding Lappish men.
Cognate to these are Estonian murk, Saami (Lappish) mir'hku, and Hungarian mereg, all meaning "poison"--and all looking like the first element in Mirkwood.
We exclude the first alternative hypothesis because arctic foxes are usually not very shy; in fact, the Lappish name of the species means the fearless and foolhardy (Ostbye & Pedersen 1990).