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a member of a Buddhist people inhabiting the area of the Mekong River in Laos and Thailand and speaking the Lao language

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In fact, in the field of textile production and commercialisation, apart from private companies that set out in the 1990s to conquer world markets, tradespeople have rarely marked their products with tags and labels mentioning the names of their company or weaver, their origin or their composition such as 'Dok Dao Gallery', 'Made/Handmade in Laos' or '100% Laotian Silk'.
of China and its listed Hong Kong unit has signed a contract with a government-owned Laotian company.
Sisoulith is the first senior Laotian official to visit the US since the war ended in 1975.
''The South Koreans say we fired a torpedo, but they don't know where the torpedo came from, or whether the torpedo has been there from before,'' the Laotian official quoted Ambassador Han Bong Ho as saying in the Yonhap report.
She said Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Minister Bill Rammell will raise the issue when the Laotian foreign minister visits the UK next Thursday.
Several aspects of second-generation Laotian women's identities are salient in the context of this discussion on the politics of race and education: their identities as Asian Pacific Americans (APAs), as members of a refugee community and one of our newest immigrant groups, as well as their class, gender, age, and generation.
"Good Morning Luang Phrabang" costs less than $200,000, and stars Bangkok-based Australian-Laotian thesp Ananda Everinghim as a photographer who travels through Laos and meets a Laotian guide, played by Vientienne beauty queen Khamlek Palawong.
The Laotian rock rat, which is very much alive, belongs to a rodent family that scientists had assumed had vanished 11 million years ago, says an international research team that examined DNA evidence.
In my second example I use the frame to make this Laotian woman, poised with her red ladle hovering over a streetside restaurant's serving table, seem timeless.
The remarkable video and photos are being hailed as historic mages documenting a true "living fossil," the Laotian rock rat The rat is so called for its only known habitat--limestone outcroppings in Central Laos--and the appearance of the animal's head and face, which sport long whiskers and beady eyes like those of a rat To view photographs and video of the Laotian rock rat, visit
The new Taste of Asia at 1535 Main offers Laotian items on its menu.
The Danish brewery group Carlsberg A/S said on Wednesday (26 October) that it had increased its holding in the Laotian brewery Lao Brewery from 25% to 50% of the share capital.
The California researchers studied 50 Laotian women of reproductive age currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area.
English was the most common household language, followed by Spanish and Laotian.
In the late 1980s, after China and Vietnam had shown the way, the Laotian leaders tentatively began to open their economy to the outside world.