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It is difficult now to conceive of how significant Laos once was in American Cold War strategic thinking.
The six day cycling challenge will take a group of adventurers on a 500 km journey along the banks of the Mekong river in southern Laos.
These drawings, collected at a camp for displaced bombing victims, were the first-person testimonials to come out of Laos, and were eventually used in a Congressional hearing chaired by Senator Kennedy about the refugee situation in South East Asia.
This, he said would help Laos to open up foreign investment and increase trade with world in general and Pakistan in particular.
Laos will then have access to the markets of the other 157 WTO member countries.
The C&MA Laos Mission publication The Challenge of Laos (February 1954) reported that "in his teaching Ted encouraged the students to raise the problems which were troubling them and their people.
I rented nay bike from Green Discovery Laos (greendiscoverylaos.
I arrived in Laos in June 1954 one month after the fall of Dien Bien Phu.
After the attack occurred, patrol ships from both Laos and China responded and Laos was still pursuing those suspected of carrying out the shooting.
Millicom agreed in September 2009 to sell the majority in Millicom Laos to Vimpelcom for USD65m (EUR46.
The ASEAN foreign ministers, who took the 600-kilometer road trip by bus, left the northern Thai town of Chiang Rai Monday morning and headed to Kunming through Laos, one of the 10 ASEAN members.
Through a rethink of its trade policy, Laos has demonstrated how developing countries, in particular least developed countries (LDCs), must reposition themselves to take advantage of emerging markets.
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has agreed to provide a 15-million-dollar loan to Laos to expand its electricity grid to 37,000 rural families.
Laos and Cambodia are frequently considered to share a common destiny as comparatively sparsely populated buffer states squeezed between two much more powerful neighbours: Vietnam and Thailand.
A new Cambodian infantry brigade undertook live-fire weapons training just south of the border with Laos yesterday, six months after Prime Minister Hun Sen dispatched troops to the border amid tensions.