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an early form of slide projector

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Tras el cierre ese mismo ano de A Lanterna Magica, que alcanzo los treinta y tres numeros y llego a ser diaria, Bordallo emigra a Brasil, aprovechando una oferta para trabajar en Rio de Janeiro.
The auction even includes the Lanterna Magica that Bergman claimed inspired him to become a filmmaker.
A Golem release (in Spain) of a La Lanterna Magica production, with participation of Canal Plus, TVE.
Directed by Guido Manuli and produced by animation studio Lanterna Magica, both former associates of "Momo" helmer Enzo D'Alo, "Aida of the Trees" represents a second current in Italo feature animation that tips its hat to blander international models.
Late last year, Lanterna Magica was acquired by another Italian company, Medusa Films.
Adapted by d'Alo with playwright and screenwriter Umberto Marino from the children's book by Chilean author Luis Sepulveda, "Seagull" is being produced by Vittorio and Rita Cecchi Gori and executive produced by Maria Fares of Turin-based animation boutique La Lanterna Magica, which also was behind "Blue Arrow.