Lansium domesticum

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East Indian tree bearing an edible yellow berry

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According to Franco, he was crossing Kalamiong Street corner Lansones Street in Barangay Payatas A at around 12:10 a.m.
Also in Barangay Payatas, same operatives accosted Darwin Madlalang, 23, after he was seen toying with a knife at the corner of Ipil-Ipil Street and Lansones Street, but two sachets were recovered by the police from him.
But the police failed to catch them although at 8:20 p.m., the Hilux was found at the corner of Lansones and Mabolo Streets in Makati City, with the key still in the ignition.
Initial investigation showed that Sucgang and his wife were walking along Lansones Street around 11:30 p.m., when Vicente arrived and shot Sucgang, causing his instant death.
Later in the evening on that day, the Toyota Hilux with plate number UGQ-317 was found along Lansones corner Mabolo Streets in Barangay Comembo, Makati City.
Paciano, Lansones for all, Gogo for all, Mangosteen skins.'
Pauline writes that for the festival, every barangay of the town constructs its statue-version of the legendary tribal chief Ana Kalang who, as legend says, took the toxin out of the lansones and made it edible for humans.
You ask in your letter for mangoes, cheese, tyrines and some lansones. I hope I can fulfill your wishes in sending the things, mangoes I am sure I can send to you, but the other things I am not very sure.
The families served were residents of 11 sitios in Barangay Dado (Teren-Teren, Upper Baugan, Sarmiento, Bacong, Veterans, New Leon, Tapas, Dulao, Helmet, Kurbada and Membalawag); eight sitios in Barangay Lower Dado (Santol, Pomelo, Lakatan, Rambutan, Lansones, Mangga, Sampalok, Durian); and two sitios in Barangay Pigcawaran (Lower Baugan and Rebi).
The military on Monday night foiled a bomb attempt in Jolo, Sulu, after soldiers discovered an explosive device hidden in a bunch of lansones left by the roadside.
Our first challenge was the "Lansones Sago't Tarragon Gulaman." Tarragon is, well, tarragon, but how do you translate lansones, sago and gulaman into French?
At least two landslides in Barangay (village) Lansones and Malagutay occurred, without any casualties, as "several riprap, hanging bridge and other infrastructures of the city were also damaged at the height of the flashfloods yesterday morning," said the city government.