Langue d'oil

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medieval provincial dialects of French spoken in central and northern France

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Nelson has suggested that the jeu-parti may have originated in the langue d'oil regions, particularly in Picardy and that it later spread to the langue d'oc tradition (257).
It would have been helpful to provide translations of at least some of these samples, as well as some comments on the linguistic features distinguishing langue d'oil, langue d'oc, and franco-provencal.
The trouveres were the counterparts in the language of northern France (the langue d'oil ) to the Provencal troubadour.
il ignore tout de sa realite existentielle, de ses divisions dialectales, de sa zone d'extension meme, considerant que ses locuteurs, qu'il appelle Espagnols (Yspani) occupent la partie meridionale de l'Europe, alors que la langue d'oil s'etend, pour lui, jusqu'aux montagnes d'Aragon.