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a member of a Germanic people who invaded northern Italy in the 6th century


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36) Following the Langobardic siege of Rome in 756, similar ring crypts were excavated beneath other Roman churches to safeguard and surround saintly relics brought into the city proper from their original resting places in catacombs located outside the city walls, where presumably they had been enshrined within arcosolia.
That *-staldaz meant "responsible for, in control of," and not simply "possessing," is suggested by Gothic gastaldan (see note 21) and Langobardic castald(i)us, "administrator of a royal province" (Domanenverwalter); see Heinrich Tiefenbach, Studien zu Wortern volkssprachlicher Herkunft in Karolingischen Konigsurkunden (Munich: Wilhelm Fink, 1973), 29-32.