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a member of a Germanic people who invaded northern Italy in the 6th century


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Gregory offers no Langobard origin-story, going back only to Alboin (198), the tenth Langobard king in Paul (1974, 49).
Their topics include background and applications of source criticism; the stones and the book in Mesopotamia and the biblical mythopoeia; Goths, Langobards, and Byzantium in The Lord of the Rings; William Caxton's The Golden Legend as a source for the Rings; H.
103, why should Paul the Deacon's reference to Frea and Goden when talking about the Langobards (a West Germanic tribe) necessarily suggest his interest in a specifically Scandinavian pantheon?
brings the troubled history of the Goths, the Langobards, and Constantinople into the stockpot of Tolkien's stories.