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United States photographer remembered for her portraits of rural workers during the Depression (1895-1965)

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"It's important to pay attention to your body signals," Langen said.
The future of Taiwan should be decided freely and democratically by the Taiwanese people, said Langen.
Nathan Langen, Director of Business Development, Spirit of Math highlighted the significant accomplishments of SoM in Pakistan to date and set up a conversation of plans for deeper collaborations with all sectors in the search for and development of talent from the children of Pakistan.
While the micro-hospital does not yet have a tenant, Langen said he has spoken to three regional health care networks, plus two others in Pennsylvania that are not yet in the northern Pocono region.
Kim Langen: We did not "pick" this subject, nor did we just start with the sole purpose to create a business: the programme was developed over the years in a school setting by being with students and seeing what worked.
Langen has a Theater Arts degree from the University of San Francisco and previously taught at Guajome Park Academy in Vista, where she created a Middle School Theatre Arts program prior to accepting a position at The Grauer School in 2011.
Pour des raisons personnelles, Laurence Langen ne peut assumer sa participation, indique-t-on du cote du comite Miss Belgique.
Understanding that truly hygienic secondary packaging will be a core requirement for the food manufacturing industry in the years ahead, the Langen Group has developed a new generation of hygienic packaging machines.
Potency Testing of Veterinary Vaccinces for Animals; The Way from Vivo to in Vitro (2010: Langen, Germany) Ed.
van Langen (1898-1983), die zijn glansrijke loopbaan in het KNIL afsloot als generaal en chef-staf in 1950, toen het KNIL werd opgeheven en Indonesie onafhankelijk werd.
"What's the point of having a single supervisory mechanism (for the euro zone) when you have the UK with its 60 percent of the financial market not involved?" said Werner Langen, a German lawmaker, in the debate on Wednesday.
It is such a shock." Narberth town councillor Henry Langen described Ms Dries-Jenkins as a "lovely lady" and said everyone was shocked by her death.
"For example, one sensor worked with the red labels but not with the black or blue labels," said AFA Nordale engineer David Langen. "Another sensor worked with the red and blue labels but not the black labels.
The leader of the German EPP group, Werner Langen, a staunch opponent of so-called ownership unbundling, is furious at the European Commission for making it legally binding on German gas giant RWE to sell its network.
On the first day of the four-day conference, Anne-Marie Bjornson Langen of AFPA France was the main speaker, and Fahd A.