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a town in central Wyoming

a space vehicle that is designed to land on the moon or another planet

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Over the next two days, Lander visited friends and calmly confessed to a number of people what he had done.
The ESA is still studying the data, but it estimates the lander went into freefall-traveling at 180 miles per hour-a mile or two before reaching the surface of Mars.
A weak signal detected during the night of December 21 didn't prove to be a definite sign of life from the lander, the DLR German Aerospace Centre said in a statement yesterday.
The site is specifically for Kenny Lander and his fiancee, Mandee, and says Kenny Lander is the current source of income for the couple.
Darren Lander said: "I'm very proud of Jack as he really had to dig in over the last couple of days.
This observation sequence will take place during the asteroid flyby itself, with the lander switching on at 08:45 CEST on July 10.
Lander Kids Bubble Bath, which is available in three scents: Wacky Watermelon, Berry Blast and Silly Strawberry.
Lander makes the important point that editions of Foxe's Acts and Monuments differ significantly from each other in ways that mark the changing religious climate behind each edition.
of getting a lander to the surface of Triton, is it worth it for the amount of science we would get back?
Lander said students also learn business skills because they often contact potential buyers before the fair to make sale arrangements.
We went hunting for the spacecraft for two reasons: first, it was important to confirm the precise lander locations for scientific and engineering purposes, and second, it was fun.
space agency opt for below surface sampling for its next major lander mission.
By pushing for a small management board to centralize authority within the Bundesbank, Welteke upset the Lander governments that were eager to place some LZB presidents in the Bundesbank management.
The 8ft clock, made by Birmingham jeweller and clockmaker Henry Lander in 1890, was stolen from the property in Upper St Mary's Road, Bearwood, Sandwell, last Thursday.
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