Land of Opportunity

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land of opportunity for bankers and members of parliament.
He said, 'We see Southern Oregon as the land of opportunity.
America because it is the land of opportunity and I think it would be better for the children.
And, there's still billions of people around the world who want to come here, and they want to come here because they know that this is--for all our problems--still the land of opportunity.
Aaron Brickman, director of Invest in America, the US Government body set up to manage foreign investment promotion in the country, said: "It's really the land of opportunity where dreams are made - but it doesn't work for everybody.
Welcoming Dubai as the new sponsor of the Dewhurst Stakes, Stephen Wallis, managing director of Newmarket Racecourses said: "Dubai has already proven itself as a land of opportunity for horse racing, and we are very pleased to welcome Dubai as our sponsor for the Dewhurst Stakes.
Senate candidate Carly Fiorina came to the San Fernando Valley on Tuesday and said cuts in taxes and regulations can "restore California to the land of opportunity within the land of opportunity.
Vividly illustrated with full color, mural-style artwork, Sweet Land of Liberty is a true story of patriotism and love for the qualities that make America a land of opportunity.
Mr Dempsey said: "Ireland is a land of opportunity especially for Australian companies wishing to use Ireland as a platform to grow their business into the EU.
He knew that this was the land of opportunity and, with hard work and determination, you could become anything you wanted to be.
Susan Starr Sered and Rushika Fernandopulle, Uninsured in America: Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity.
They endure terrible desert heat and even snakebite, manage to escape the smugglers, and finally make it to "the land of opportunity," where work as a migrant field laborer beckons.
He entered the Land of Opportunity before racist immigration restrictions were passed in the 1920s.
I'll tell you, and this is a secret (you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone else): The Land of Opportunity is .
IF you ever feel that Scotland isn't a land of opportunity then listen to the story of Teshani Pathirana.