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a grant of public land (as to a railway or college)

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On direct land grants to private sports clubs at nil or nominal premium, the Administration started the private recreational lease policy review in September 2013.
Properties of violence; law and land grant struggle in northern New Mexico.
The REDF implemented the land grant project in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
As more Americans move away from rural areas and agricultural production systems, land grants have kept up with the pace of societal changes by diversifying program areas to better serve urban and suburban citizens.
The committee found that a number of plots earmarked for the government's land grant program had gone to municipal officials and their relatives.
However, the story of Florida's missing Spanish real estate records has already been recounted, (13) and the main issue here is the fate of land owners claiming title based on British land grants once the U.
The second period, from 1861-1872, reflects entrepreneurs' initial success in navigating government contracts, land grants, and lawmakers, as reflected in a burst of railroad construction and commercial, manufacturing, and farming interests.
Much of this land was subject to pre-existing land grants to individuals, groups, and communities made by Spain and Mixico from the 17th to the mid-19th centuries, and the Treaty provided for U.
Home to American Indians, settled by missionaries, awarded in Spanish land grants, crossed by the railroad, mapped for its oil reserves and the backdrop in hundreds of movies, the Santa Clarita Valley has a rich past of its own, one that mirrors that of the state.
With a glowing introduction, Macdonell proceeded to York (today Toronto) to secure the land grants promised his flock in Britain.
Founded in 1843 as several Mexican land grants, Tejon Ranch is now home to farming operations, cattle grazing, resource extraction operations, recreational activities, and limited real estate development along the Interstate 5 corridor.
His topics include a city different than we thought: land grants in early Santa Fe, the Chochiti Pueblo pasture grant and the Ojo del Espiritu Santo Grant, La Cienega and Cieneguilla, Tom[sz]s Velez Cachupin and his land grants, the vision of governor Velez Cachupin, and the return of Zuni Pueblo's sacred lands and artifacts.
These land grants go to funding economic workforce and community development programs like nutrition and home horticulture programs to meet childhood obesity.
First, before 1964 largescale holdings in Aconcagua depended on an almost completely male laborforce made up of resident laborers paid largely through land grants and in kind (the inquilinos) and seasonal and permanent wageworkers.
The United States inherited from Britain not only its fantastically complex land law but also a mess of overlapping land grants.