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Visual Ecology of Bioluminescent Beetles: Visual spectral mechanisms and the colors of optical signaling in Coleoptera, Elateroidea: Lampyridae, Elateridae and Phengodidae, pp201-228 In V.
Diversity of Lycidae, Phengodidae, Lampyridae, and Cantharidae (Coleoptera) in a tropical dry forest region in Mexico: Sierra de Huautla, Morelos.
They're all members of the family Lampyridae, which loosely translated means "shining fire.
2 05-05 to 07-21 Hister margaranotus LeConte 5 05-05 to 08-04 Hololepta aequalis (Say) 2 05-19 to 06-03 Hololepta lucida LeConte 1 06-29 Platysoma coarctatum LeConte 1 05-05 Platysoma lecontei Marseul 16 05-05 to 09-15 Hydraenidae Hydraena pennsylvanica Kiesenwetter 1 06-11 Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus fasciatus Melsheimer 4 05-05 to 11-04 Lampyridae Ellychnia corrusca (L.
Synchronized fireflies are small, luminescent beetles that belong to the family Lampyridae, the Latin word for "torchbearer," family.
Family Number Location of Collected Specimens Alleculidae 4 Kiuic Bostrichidae 1 Tabi Carabidae 10 Kiuic & Tabi Cerambycidae 12 Kiuic & Tabi Chrysomelidae 26 Kiuic & Tabi Cicindelidae 11 Kiuic & Tabi Corylophidae 2 Kiuic & Tabi Cucujidae 3 Tabi Curculionidae 6 Kiuic & Tabi Dytiscidae 2 Kiuic & Tabi Elateridae 6 Kiuic & Tabi Endomychidae 2 Kiuic Histeridae 1 Kiuic Hydrophilidae 5 Kiuic & Tabi Lampyridae 8 Kiuic & Tabi Lycidae 3 Kiuic Nitidulidae 2 Kiuic Passalidae 9 Kiuic & Tabi Phalacridae 2 Kiuic Phengodidae 5 Kiuic & Tabi Scarabaeidae 40 Kiuic & Tabi Tenebrionidae 17 Kiuic & Tabi Trogossitidae 5 Kiuic & Tabi
Fireflies, also known as lightening bugs, are nocturnal, luminous insects of the beetle family Lampyridae.
In fact fireflies are neither flies nor bugs nor worms, but soft-bodied beetles called Lampyridae, a name based on an old Greek word that also evolved into our word "lamp.
Familias de macroinvertebrados asociados a las raices Eichhornia crassipes en las tres cienagas estudiadas FAMILIA Zapatosa Mata de Palma La Pachita Aesnidae X Ampullaridae X X X Ancylidae X X X Belostomatidae X Ceratopogonidae X X X Chironomidae X X X Chrysomelidae X X Coenagrionidae X X X Culicidae X X X Curculionidae X X X Cyclestheridae X X X Dorylaimidae X X X Dytiscidae X X X Glossiphonidae X X X Hydrobiidae X X X Hydrophilidae X X X Lampyridae X X Libellulidae X X X Lymnessiidae X X X Naididae X X X Naucoridae X X Nepidae X X Noteridae X X X Palaemonidae X X X Physidae X X X Planorbidae X X X Pleidae X X Polycentropodidae X X X Pyralidae X X Scirtidae X X X Staphilinidae X Stratyomidae X X X Succineidae X X Tabanidae X X TOTAL 32 28 28 Tabla 7.
Besides these, Chrysomelidae, Lampyridae, Nitidulidae and Staphylinidae families were also recorded exclusively in Serra da Mantiqueira.
Luego, siguieron las familias Cryptophagidae, Lampyridae, Leiodidae y Scarabaeidae con 6% a 3% de representatividad.
Re - - - Helochares pallipes Brulle Re + + + Helochares femoratus Brulle Re - - + Helochares mini Fernandez Re - - + Berosus coelacanthus Oliva He + + - Berosus minimus Knisch He - - - Berosus masculinus Knisch He - - - Berosus patruelis Berg He + + + Staphylinidae Pr + + + Lampyridae Pr + + + Dryopidae Ra - + - Elmidae Ra - + - MOLLUSCA Drepanotrema anatinum (d'Orb.