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Being skilled in all areas of content marketing helps Lampstand Content Creation save its business customers time and money when it comes to content marketing.
We need to take our marriages and put them on a lampstand so it gives light to the whole community, so people can see what real love is all about.
They marched in a thick, writhing line from the deck, over the transom of the front door, and into the living room, over the Chinese rug and up onto a lampstand to a box, covered in butcher paper, that had come in the mail.
I was chatting to someone the other day and I had my hand on a lampstand.
The porcelain vase with the imperial mark of Yongzheng (1723-1735) had been used as a lampstand and the owners had no inkling of its true worth.
Their unusual design and quality prompted research that confirmed not only the starry provenance suspected by Detective Phillips--the fabled collector William Beckford--but also their source of inspiration: a six-foot-high Roman 1st-century bronze lampstand brought back from Herculaneum by Sir William Hamilton.
Police in Paris say Kinga died after being repeatedly battered with fists and a blunt instrument - probably a lampstand in the hotel room.
And a knitted bike and lampstand went on show yesterday in the window of the John Lewis store in Eldon Square shopping mall in Newcastle.
Is it not too often left like the talent buried in the earth, like the treasure hidden in the field, of the gospel parables: a talent that must be unearthed, a treasure that must be discovered, a lamp that must be placed on a lampstand so that it will illumine the entire house.
He developed, in particular, the notion that the faithful--the pastor and the flock, men and women, distinguished and ordinary, young and old--must demonstrate remorse for their sins lest God remove from their presence his illuminating "golden lampstand," a direct reference to the scriptural text.
There is also a lampstand in the room which I brought back from the jungle of Malaya on one of my trips to the Far East.
Mrs Harrison tried to fend off Abram using a poker and a lampstand, before she too was assaulted.
The guitarist survived after his wife Olivia smashed a lampstand over Abram's head in a desperate bid to save her husband.
He was only saved when Olivia fought back using _ a brass poker and a lampstand.
In 170, he returned to Jerusalem, invaded the holy sanctuary of the Temple and stripped it of everything: the golden altar, the lampstand, the offering table, and everything else made of gold or silver.