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What are the maximum size and live body coloration of opah (Teleostci: Lampridae: Lampris species)?
Diet of the southern opah Lampris immaculatus on the Patagonoian Shelf; significance of the squid Morotheuthis ingens and anthropogenic plastic.
As determinedly private as the Lampris regius for which it's named, "Moonfish" is a tough-to-swallow and undernourishing course that fatally mistakes melodrama for insight.
These fishes are some of the most colorful and morphologically diverse teleost fishes, including the oarfish, Regalecus glesne, the opah, Lampris gutattus, and the unicornfish, Eumecichthys fiski.
Occurrence Species Common name (n = 78) Clupeidae Sardinops sagax Pacific sardine 4 Engraulidae Engraulis mordax Northern anchovy 52 23 Bathylagidae Blacksmelts 18 Chauliodontidae Chauliodus macouni Pacific viperfish 2 Gadidae Microgadus proximus Pacific tomcod 13 Lampridae Lampris guttatus Opah 1 Gasterosteidae Stickleback 1 Scorpaenidae Sebastes spp.