Lammas Day

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commemorates Saint Peter's miraculous deliverance from prison

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What is the modern equivalent of the medieval feast of Lammas Day? 4.
ANSWERS: 1 Chicago' 2 Cable News Network' 3 The Great Escape' 4 Lammas Day' 5 Pasteurisation' 6 Champagne Charlie' 7 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother' 8 Ecuador' 9 Who Do You Love Now?' 10 Jon Snow.
Kirklees Countryside Unit, the National Trust and British Waterways have also supported the Lammas Day event.
With the threat of death hanging over him if he caused more trouble Saunders kept out of the limelight until the 1490s when there was trouble on Lammas Day.
August 1 is known as Lammas Day, which is now recognised as a Christian holy day, and is celebrated by the Church as such.
ANSWERS: 1 Ecuador; 2 Jon Snow; 3 Pasteurisation; 4 Chicago; 5 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; 6 Champagne Charlie; 7 Lammas Day; 8 West Ham United; 9 Cable News Network; 10 The Great Escape.
Such land was usually known as Common or Lammas Meadow, because Lammas Day was the date when the one use of the meadow was replaced by the other.