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(computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data

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The authors of the paper 8 are engaged in the study of the dependences of specific losses in the laminated cores, depending on the field intensity and in the wide frequency domain (20/2000 Hz).
Like the previous paper [1] the method which takes into account power losses in laminated cores [5, 10] was applied.
2+N+2 = Type III (Layer 1:2, 2 to 3 microvias with buried vias in a laminated core)
It encompasses: Metallics, using real metal foils; Veneers, using reconstituted real wood veneers; Woodgrains, capturing the diverse natural choice of tree species; Plain Colours; Patterns, a range of striking designs; ColorCore[R] with a solid colour throughout; and Compact, with solid laminated core. And the Formica[R] Digital range offers unusual eye-catching looks using digital print.
TG reliability and durability are reduced due to a complex laminated core structure, vibration, electromagnetic continuous variables, thermal and mechanical loads.
The 320-100 flat-sided vibrating motor is rated at 3V DC and is a 3 pole iron laminated core design, with moulded strontium ferrite magnets.
If the board has large, dense BGAs, a High Density Interconnect (HDI) with a laminated core and buildup layers may be required.
Conventional sinusoidal filters comprise a laminated core with coils on bobbins fitted to the limbs to create a choke and capacitors connected to ground.
On the basis of core type, global inductor market can be segmented into air core, laminated core, toroidal core, ferromagnetic core, ceramic core, and others