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type genus of the family Laminariaceae: perennial brown kelps

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Counts of Laminaria farlowii at a PISCO study site in Monterey Bay (Siren), surveyed once annually each summer from 2007 to 2018 (no data 2009, 2010).
"The brown alga Laminaria ochroleuca forms complex structures called kelp forests, which are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems in the world.
Enhanced anti-inflammatory activity of brown seaweed Laminaria japonica by fermentation using Bacillus subtilis.
The aim of this prospective study was to assess the efficacies of laminaria, vaginal misoprostol, and mechanical dilator applications before surgical intervention with regard to the optimal cervical dilation and severity of pain in first-trimester pregnant women with missed abortion.
This is formulated from two kinds of essential algae rich in minerals and proteins: the blue-green algae (Phormidium Persicinum) and brown algae (Laminaria Digitata).
While many members of the family are microscopic and colonial, they include some of the biggest plants known such as Bull Kelp (Laminaria) much loved by sea-otters.
They concluded in their report that "abortion providers may modify abortion procedures, in apparent violation of the law, to increase the odds of getting an intact infant cadaver (e.g., increase the number of laminaria placed in a patient's cervix to achieve greater dilation).
(ABM, PRT, Laminaria, Phyllariopsis, Saccorhiza, Ecol, Corol).
The LS has also been used in combination with bioactive molecules in food, such as nisin, reuterin, and Laminaria [40, 41].
Liu, "Removal of methylene blue by chemically modified defatted brown algae Laminaria japonica," Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, vol.
Overall, Zostera marina was most abundant (and found only on the natural habitat), followed by Pteiygophora californica, Cystoseira spp., Macrocystispyrifera, and Laminaria spp.
Chung and Brinkhuis [6], also showed that the early stages of Laminaria saccharina start to die after 8 days at 50 [micro]g [l.sup.1] Cu.
A comparison of misoprostol with and without laminaria tents for induction of second-trimester abortion.
The main successful usage for pain reduction are in endometrial sampling with a Pipelle,8,15 first-trimester suction termination,16 hysteroscopy,17 saline solution infusion sonohysterography,18 and removal of a lost intrauterine device (IUD).19 On the other hand, IUL is found ineffective and does not reduce pain scores, according to some articles, during IUD insertion,20 laminaria insertion,21 and outpatient transcervical tubal sterilisation.22